Racer5 was developed to create the optimal environment for riders that want to learn the limits of safe motorcycle control. These are skills that are far beyond a basic motorcycle parking lot course or what can be learned safely in a street environment.

The structure of the program is such that the high costs associated with the tack are minimized and thus the focus on learning is optimized.

Some of the reasons why the Racer5 program is so effective are:


We know that deciding to get to the track can be both overwhelming and intimiating.

Don't worry! 

All of our intro packages include bike rental, logistics, gas, tires, damage insurance and a small group environment with one of our reknown instructors for the day.

We also have a vast selection of rental gear avaliable for you if needed.

This way you only need to focus on becoming a better rider.


What really sets us apart from all other schools is our graduated approach to rider development. 

Learning how to fully exploit a motorcycle on track is very different from any condition that you ever experience on the street. Using a high horsepower motorcycle to start off is one of the easiest ways to stunt your development.

Thats why all our Stage1-Stage3 courses are taught on the irreplaceable Honda CBR125. This is the perfect tool for starting off because you aren't scared of the motorcycle and can focus braking later, body positioning and working on carrying more corner speed. These are crucial skills which are much harder to learn on a high horsepoer motorcycle.

All our courses are designed to give you the right motorcycle, instructor, and itenerary for your skill level giving you the fastest proven rider development possible!


We realize that all instructors have special skillls. On top of only using certified profesionally race licensed instructors to teach our students, we hand pick instructors for different skill levels.

Our intro course instructors specialize in their courses. They have the skills to work with students with the skill levels that intro students have and have proven skills in riding a small cc bike.

Our Advanced course instructors specialize in teaching students that have already got a first grasp of the track and have an entirely different level of skills they need to work on. 


No matter how good the cirruculum, how great the pairing of motorcycle, student and instructor - improvement takes practice!

Thats why our courses are based around getting you the most tracktime possible and giving you affordable continuation options so that you can practice what you learned in your courses.

Our Stage1-3 courses lead seamlessly into each other  so that you can bring forward your skills from one day to the next.

After your Stage3 course is completed can continue learning by  using our trackbike rental programs to rent bikes for endurance racing and trackday rentals so you can practice and continue to develop your new skills.

Our Stage 4 and 5  Advanced Programs are aimed at students that already have a very strong grasp of track riding and are looking for a course that will guide them on what they need to work on in their future trackdays and race weekends.